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DVS Import and Export Limited is a company experienced in international transactions, our work is focused on prospecting suppliers abroad, auditing for certification and approval, cost analysis and feasibility for imports.


Solutions Tailored to Your Industry

DVS, your partner in success, delivers industry-specific solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our expertise ensures that you receive the most effective strategies and support for your business.

Find more Suppliers

Expand your horizons with international suppliers, discovering new opportunities and finding the best partners worldwide.

Reduce Delivery Time

Shorten delivery times by partnering with reliable suppliers.

Reach better Deals

Enhance your negotiation power and reach better deals with our expert support.

Process Improvement

Achieve process improvement for enhanced efficiency and results.

Agricultural Sector

Increase your efficiency in the agricultural sector with DVS. Access quality products at competitive prices through our approved international suppliers.

Automotive Sector

Maximize your potential in the automotive sector with DVS. With our expertise, your car manufacturing company can boost operational efficiency and expand your reach in the automotive market.


Enhance your processes in Wholesale market with DVS. We have approved international suppliers, offering quality products at competitive prices.


Elevate your potential in the healthcare sector. With certified international suppliers. Drive operational efficiency and expand your presence in the healthcare market.


Enhance your processes in the construction market with DVS. We have approved international suppliers, offering quality products, advanced technology, and competitive prices.

Chemical Sector

Improve your results in the chemical sector. We specialize in approved international suppliers, granting access to excellent products, advanced technology, and highly competitive prices.


Count on approved international suppliers, offering quality machinery, advanced technology, and competitive prices.

It's this easy!

We are experts in international logistic. This is how we can help your company:


A company like ours serves as an intermediary between domestic businesses and international suppliers, identifying, evaluating, and approving foreign suppliers to ensure quality and reliability in products.

By working with us, you save time, minimize risks, gain access to a global network of reliable suppliers, and can focus on your core business, while we handle all the inherent tasks related to international trade.

Our experts use stringent criteria to evaluate suppliers, including quality, delivery times, pricing, production capacity, and a track record of servicing other companies.

Our company works with suppliers from all around the world; this decision depends on the product being demanded.

We serve a wide range of sectors and types of products, from electronics and chemicals to food and industrial goods. Please contact us to understand your specific needs so we can work on addressing them.

The approval time can vary depending on the complexity of the supplier and the products. However, we always work efficiently to ensure all stages of this process are completed, allowing you to start receiving your products.


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